The 100 Club


Give yourself a chance to win one of 3 prizes every month, First Prize-£100. Second Prize-£50. Third Prize-£25. At the same time, you are helping to raise essential finances for our club.
The cost is only £5 per month per number, paid by standing order and we have several numbers spare. There is a form to complete on the website, and you can contact Phil to see what numbers are available.
We have raised well over £10,000 since the draw started in 2008, and this has helped purchase equipment such as the mower. Thank you for your support.


Here are the numbers for the monthly draws.
January 2020
1st — 21 Danny Herron (again!!)
2nd –88 Hayley Jakeman
3rd –31 Steve Selby
February 2020
1st–4 H & J Stokell
2nd.–54 Martin Leake
3rd–72 Simon Chappell
March 2020
1st 35 Adder
2nd 73 Simon Chappell
3rd 52 Eddie Jakeman
April 2020
1st 55-Frank Shires
2nd 31-Steve Selby
3rd 77-Simon Chappell
May 2020
1st 34 Steve Potter
2nd 49 Paul Follett
3rd 35 Steve Potter
June 2020
1st 5 Mike Shires.
2nd 73 Simon Chappell
3rd 74 Simon Chappell
October 2020
1st 38 Paul Henstock.
2nd 6 Chris Stockil
3rd 92 Craig Griffin
November 2020
1st 83 Craig Griffin
2nd 78
3rd 76 both HP